What's The Point?

In a discussion with a friend recently some deep thoughts about life were shared with the main topic reverting back multiple times to the question: "What's the point?"  I don't know about you but for me it seems life is so full of ups and downs and it can be hard to maintain focus 100% of the time.  So often during the down times I ask myself the same question as I haphazardly survive through my days hoping that soon I'll wake up refreshed and with a new lease on life.  It doesn't seem to happen like that though.  Retracing my steps back to a place of deep rooted joy and subtle inner peace only happens when I am willing to put in the work - for me that means putting God back in first place in my life, surrounding myself with people that will encourage me and spur me on in my spiritual walk and filling my mind with scriptures and promises throughout the day.  It's a pretty fool proof recipe if you ask me. 

Not too long ago I identified myself as suffering from minor depression.  We had gone through a lot as a family over the past year and it seemed that life just wasn't giving us any breaks.  As much as I'd like to say I kept a smile on my face and hope in my heart constantly through it all, I am just as human as the next and I slowly but surely slipped down into a puddle of pity and sadness.  Without hardly realizing it I was looking through wordly lenses that magnified my problems and minimized Christ in my life.  His power faded as I allowed my negative thinking to consume me until I finally realized what was happening.  I had been down this road before and was surprised to find myself back for a visit.  Worn down and exhausted I was considering anti depressants when the light broke through.  

During prayer one evening, laying in my bed literally just chatting with God as a friend, I felt Him convicting me in a gentle but profound way.  Suddenly I found myself noticing how much He has slipped away from my daily life.  Prayer was left to a few quick words here and there and replaced by facebook time and brainless TV.  Reading the Bible was left to the wayside because I was too tired to understand what I was reading.  Guilt gripped at me as the reality was exposed and I could feel Him leading me to repentance, which is exactly what I did.  I needed forgiveness.  And then I needed a plan.  He reassured me that if I was open to medicines that I would take regularly then I must remember first that His Word is LIFE to my flesh.  A recent article by Kenneth Hagin jarred my memory and I vowed to get back in the scriptures throughout the day.  Three days into that committment and I could literally feel that dark cloud of depression lifting off of me.  The question "What's the point?" was no longer stabbing my soul for the answer was right before me.  It was Him.  He is the point.  Bringing Him glory and living for Him.  All other things in this world will pass away.  Experiences and even memories will fade.  But His things will never.  It's about developing my relationship with Him to the point that I am changed into His likeness.  I am called to be uncommon.  And everything I do...I want to do with His face before me because - That.  Is.  The.  Point.

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