To My New Readers - Please Check!

First and foremost: a big warm WELCOME for stopping by.  If you've already read the "About Me" and "About This Blog" sections you have a pretty good idea where this is all going but there's a few extra cents to throw in.  Because I'm direct and to the point and detailed and all that jazz.  :)  

Let me first assure you that even though you might not identify with every aspect of topics seen here, there will still be plenty that will engage and challenge you.  You may not be a Christian, care much about clean eating or have kids but there will be enough variety in the areas that DO interest you to keep you coming back.  There may be some topics of controversy presented from time to time and the plan is to keep the comments open to allow HEALTHY conversation to occur.  But because it's my blog, I get the power to delete comments that have a nasty tone or are trying to stir up dissension.  It's not the place for that.  This is a place I want you to come to feel inspired and motivated - I want you to leave here with the warm fuzzies on the inside NOT stressed and on the edge.

Finally, please remember this is a work in progress.  Pictures and new things will be added and old posts will be updated from time to time.  Often, I have so much in my heart to get out that I'll type it up and publish it without making sure it's error free or has pretty graphics or fancy stuff to ooh and ahh at.  I'm keeping it real folks. 

As I mentioned in one post already, I have no idea where this blog will go.  I'm leaving that up to Him.  But if you like it and want to be a part of this journey with me, the best compliment you can give is sharing it on Twitter, FB or email to link it up with your like-minded friends.  I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what happens here and you are a part of it!  Blessings friends and thank you for giving me a chance.

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