About This Blog.

This blog has been a mere thought in my heart for many months now.  Finally, it's here.  Most of my life, I have always had stronger convictions than the mainstream, looked at life a little differently and felt just a tad removed from the masses.  Through much personal growth and God's guidance I have finally realized that He expects more from me.  I now understand what it means to live in this world but not be a part of it.  He has asked me to strive a little higher...push a little harder...live a little different.  I beleive that serving God doesn't stop with our church attendance or prayer time...it should overflow into every area of our life:  how we treat our family, raise our children, spend our money, keep our home, feed and nourish our bodies among other things.  This blog will serve as a sounding board for all these areas, and more, to inspire others out there.  Regardless of where you are on your journey I think you'll find something beneficial here whether it's practical tips, spiritual insights, or daily challengesI hope that you'll be patient with me as I navigate this new world of blogging while keeping my personal priorities in line.  I consider this to be an imperfect journey...because it's full of His grace.  We fall and get back up again.  We take a few steps back and He gives us strength to move forward.  We struggle and He pushes us through.  So here we are.  Are you ready to embark in this uncommon life with me?


  1. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog this morning while I drink my last sips of coffee. Thanks for the visit! So much of what you write resonates with me. I agree with much of what you reflect upon and I feel informed by other things you have "taught me" this morning. I will be back. Still, I must tell you, it feels a little creepy commenting on a blog where the writer's identity is so shrouded in mystery. I feel like I'm putting myself out in the open and maybe even writing to a person who doesn't even exist while you hide behind a veil. Maybe you have a good reason for this, so I don't mean to sound disrespectful. Really I don't. I just wanted you to know that it feels a little awkward on this end. Any hoo! I have totally enjoyed reading your thoughts this morning and I'll be back! Blessings galore!

  2. Don't worry Kay and the rest of you wonderers out there, I am in fact a very real person who has simply chosen the veil due to the fact that controversial posts will be presented here from time to time and with our heavy involvement in our community and my husband's job, it's better to leave the names off of it to avoid dissention. Trust me, in real life I am as transparent as it gets! Thanks for your understanding! :)