Parenting: Between servanthood and responsibility.

Today I am challenged by walking the fine line between demonstrating a servant heart to my children...and teaching them responsibility and obedience.  The task seems daunting.  I want to demonstrate Christ's compassion and heart because let's face it - kids will do more of what they see than what they are told to do.  And yet at the same time there are times I expect them to help out when asked.  I am still human and can only do so many things at once and when one child is crying for milk while another is spilling it I expect the one playing on the ipad to get up and help one of them.  Do I gently ask?  Or harshly demand?  I haven't figured out it yet and it seems to be one of the hardest parts of this journey as of late.  No deep thoughts today...only the ones milling around in my mind.  

Where is the line for you as a Christian parent?

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