Summer is wearing me out already!

I can't believe it's mid June already...or can I?  Somedays it feels like summer flying by and other days it's dragging.  Today, it kicked my butt.  I've been battling a stomach bug for a few days now and I can't figure out why life doesn't understand to just slow down!?  The house is getting messier, the kids are getting bored, the cupboards are emptying - can't we just stop time for a few days so mommy can recover and catch up?  

Life can get overwhelming sometimes.  And yet, those are the very things that make life go round.  The very things that so much depend on us.  I suppose instead of worrying when things will get done I should be taking time to thank God that they need doing in the first place.  

Afterall, a messy house means a place to live.
Empty cupboards means the family is eating.
Bored kids means they are healthy enough to want to do more.

Tonight I'm going to rest and count my blessings.  Tomorrow, I will take a look around and instead of instantly stressing about how much I have to catch up on, I'll sigh and smile and thank God for all He has blessed me with.  Well, at least that's the plan.  :)

Good night!

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