Cancer CURES Exist

I know too many people affected by cancer.
                     Family members,   friends,   children,    parents.

                                       My heart breaks every time.  

Something inside of me whispers that cancer is somehow the result of the world we live in today, the foods we eat, the air we breathe...and that the chemicals used to cure it are only making things worse.  How many times do you hear of someone "going into remission" only to find new tumors in another location later on in life?  Chemotherapy is harsh and I know first hand that it kills.  Some might argue that it also cures but how can something truly cure that kills everything it comes into contact with, has a skull and crossbones on its labels and requires special handling to transport?  And that is what we allow them to inject into our loved ones' bodies to "heal" them of cancer?  Low immune system response, hair loss, taste buds die off, weight loss, muscle wasting, dizziness, nausea.  These are all the side effects of the treatment used to rid cancer, not cancer itself!  

I have done countless hours of research on cancer and it's cures over the past few years.  I was touched immensely by someone I was acquainted with that was battling and hospitalized for months on end.  God drew me to this older gentleman and I found myself researching and talking with his wife about what I could do to help.  Something gnawed away inside of me telling me that God held the answer and healing was possible through His creation.  I have been AMAZED at what I have learned through the process that still, years later, hasn't ended.  Sadly, though, his life did.  It had been simply too long, too harsh, his body too weak and full of infection and literally hundreds of side effects from all the medication competing to dominate his body.  My desire is not to see it happen least not in my close circle of friends and loved ones. And yet a year later, it did, again.  A close family member began the fight and though receptive to some of the things I had learned regarding natural cancer cures, was not able to keep up with the regimen, lost his will to fight, and allowed his immediate family to turn back to conventional chemotherapy.  He passed away during his first chemo treatment.  All this to say that cancer has affected me personally.  I understand the pain, fear and uncertainty associated with it and it's outcome.  

HOWEVER, the story doesn't end there.  I came across this article and it's everything summed up into one list of cancer prevention strategies and includes a documentary that is worth seeing.  

I'l let it speak for itself.  I urge you to make time to educate yourself on "the other side" of the story even if cancer hasn't yet affected you personally.  Sadly, it will at some point.  There are simply too many factors in our world today for it not to.  Ultimately, I know that God is our healer but sometimes believing for healing without changing our lifestyle is the same as praying for weight loss but not changing what we eat.  

Action begins and ends with our faith but the middle must contain the sustenance of right choices to keep us going.

EDIT:  Only a few hours after this post was written I have received news of yet another person, a parent of a friend, losing her battle to cancer.  My heart is overwhelmed once again and pained for my friend and the suffering her mother endured for so long.  :(

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