Heartfelt Prayers to all in Moore, OK

I couldn't quite get my words together to express what I wanted to in response to this awful tragedy.  I'm still not sure that I can.  My home is far from Moore and I personally do not know anyone that lives there or were affected...and yet the emotions run deep.  Lingering between "God how can you let this happen" to "Thank you Lord for who you have protected and spared" to "WHY?!?!?!"  Here on Earth there will always be questions and at some point we have to be satisfied with the understanding that they will not be answered while we are here.  If they were, our human minds could probably not grasp fully the true depth and meaning anyways.  None the less, my heart is broken for those that live there.  All those children.  Can you imagine what went through their heads?  The fear that enveloped them?  It's almost too much for me to consider.  And the parents.  Wow.  What a horrible horrible thing to endure.  Yet again, a reminder of how precious life is.  How special are those everyday moments we take for granted.  The house we hate to clean.  The kids that bicker and fight.  The food we don't feel like cooking.  It's all special, God given and ought to bring us to knees in gratitude.  

A part of me wants to lay everything down and just GO.  Head to Moore, right in the heart of all of this, and offer help.  I probably couldn't do much more than lend a hand, offer some hugs and just be there but sometimes that's exactly what's needed.  I felt the same with the 9/11 attack.  My emotions ran so strong I nearly left my job to just GO.  Do whatever needed doing.  Something in me longed to do more and offer something to those hurting.  But I didn't and I have regretted it since.  I was single at the time, no ties to hold me back, it was my chance, I should have gone.  Now, though my spirit cries out for those hurting I realize I am a rock to my children and am very needed here so this is where I will remain.  But I will be on my knees in prayer.  I will offer whatever I can from these four walls and pour out my heart to heaven on behalf of those in that town.  Sometimes I don't even know what to pray or say but I have to trust that He knows my heart the best and hears.  

As Moore picks up their lives again, may they find strength in God.  May they find peace that surpasses all understanding through Christ.  May they smile knowing their children are with Him, safe, fears wiped away, wrapped in His arms.  And may those that don't have a relationship with Him realize the importance of doing so - life is fleeting - to secure their eternal home with Him before it's too late.  I don't know the whys or understand a bit of how this all works but I do know that I trust Him because He tells me that I can.  And I know that He loves us and with Him is where we belong.  He doesn't promise to take away the storms but He does promise to never leave us.  For now, that's going to have to be enough.

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