Living Like Crabgrass.

The past few mornings I've been working outside in the yard, weeding and "de-grassing" an area on the side of my house.  It's a tough area to mow and we have left it unkempt for the past few years and it's finally time to do something about it.  Today I was pulling up root systems from crabgrass that had taken over the area.  I don't know if you have ever seen crabgrass before but they are some tough buggers!  You can feel the thick root just under the dirt and one pull has you up on your feet tugging with all your might until you come out with a foot long root system!  It's really quite amazing.  And all this in an area that we ignore and rarely gets any water.  As I continued to pull and tug at these guys I realized that the strongest and greenest grasses are the ones with the deepest roots.  They must be going down in search of water and nutrients.  The dead roots are all at the surface.  That's when it hit me:

When we are going through the desert times in life...the times we feel most alone, most challenged, most depressed...are we reaching out for the Living Water or staying just on the surface?  

It's obvious that the further we reach the more nourished we will be and in the midst of our circumstances we will be continually filled with life.  If we choose to just barely scrape the surface - perhaps merely reading a line or two of the Word if at all, attending church weekly out of duty and murmuring a few prayers under our breath at bedtime - our life will remain dry.  If our needs are not being met, how can we grow?   

Its the giver of life is the One that ultimately meets those needs.

I don't know about you, but this revelation spoke to me today.  As annoying as it is to pull up all this crabgrass outside, I want to strive to be just like it.  I want to reach deeper and establish my roots so strong so that nothing can move me while I continue to flourish and grow to bless the world around me. 

I wonder if I should just keep the crabgrass around to serve as a reminder?  Nah.  That would just mess with  my gardening plans.  But I do hope to keep this close to my heart.

How have you been living?  Are you digging deeper in your time with Him?  Do you feel full of life?  Or are you just scraping by on the surface? 

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