When I Grow Up...

What child doesn't have dreams for when they "grow up"?  The question is popular and expected and kids almost always have an answer.  Ranging from the impossible "Superman" to the very likely "a mom and teacher", the responses vary but always have something in common - they are answered with a spark in the eye of the child.  Growing up, we sometimes reach the very dreams we spoke of when we were young and other times we simply discover and sprout new ones.  And then we stop.  We get caught up in life.  Hit the "survival mode" button of life and just try to make it through.  We don't realize it but when we stop dreaming about the future, a small part of us dies and the spark is lost.  

I realized this recently when my youngest randomly asked me, "Momma, when you grow up what do you want to be?"  I was taken back a bit and unsure how to reply.  "Well honey, momma's already grown up"  However that was not an acceptable answer and was followed up with "No, I mean when you grow up a little bit more?"  I had never thought of it that way.  We are always growing up, reaching new heights, creating new dreams.  Or are we?  It's got me thinking.  Why don't I have dreams to aspire to?  Am I really living out the best of my days right now?  Is there nothing left to strive for, fight for, DREAM ABOUT?  I wish I could say with certainty that I have dreams and goals to work towards...but I don't.  Mine stop with raising my kids, keeping my home and maybe running a bit faster.  

So I'm on a mission of rediscovery thanks to the innocent question asking of my sweet child.  Ironically, a good friend recently had a very similar thought about her own life and has been praying for God to revive her dreams.  Little did I know, I had lost mine somewhere along the way, too.  

What about you?  Are you merely living day to day or striving for something bigger?  

It's time to take back the art of dreaming!

Lord, I thank you for the ability to dream.  I pray that you help to revive the dreams that are hidden and lying dormant in my heart.  Help me to rediscover my passions and start truly living the life you have blessed me with.  I trust you to guide me and lead me to fulfill the destiny you have for my life that is larger than I can imagine.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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