The Cost of Disobedience

Sometimes it's hard to hear God's voice.  We second guess it, ignore it, shove it aside to the point we question whether we ever heard it at all.  Unfortunately, the consequences cannot be displaced quite as easily.  Not too long ago we paid a visit to the local ER due to a situation that arose with one of my children.  Once things stabilized a bit my "gut" was telling me that all was well and we could return home.  Ah, but the doctors wanted to run tests and do more things.  I remember so clearly feeling it was all unnecessary.  I had peace in my heart that nothing would come of it and yet, instead of speaking up I allowed them to do as they willed.  Now, nearly 9 months later we are paying heavily on medical bills from all these "extra" tests and measures and will continue to do so for many many more months to come.  Had I obeyed that still small voice, we would have come home.  The tests showed nothing.  All was well, just as I had felt in my heart that it was.  But instead of trusting Him I chose to trust the doctors.

When we choose to place our trust anywhere but in God who guides us and leads us, we are walking in disobedience!
Ouch, what an expensive lesson to learn.  And yet in this case, my family is lucky.  It's only money.  Some lessons come at the cost of relationships or jobs or health.  I'd rather pay the money and hold onto what's important.  Thank you God for your mercy as you teach me! 

And if you're stuck living out painful consequences from YOUR act of disobedience, what do you do?  You do what you need to do.  Live in gratitude for what you do have, rather than focus on what you don't.  Tune into His grace -He gives you a sunrise every morning and as many chances as you need to learn His ways.  Ask Him for wisdom in mending what can be mended and the ability to let go of what must be let go.  

Life can be hard.  But a life separated from God is harder.  Even in the dark days, He promises to never leave us nor forsake us and that is what we must hold onto. 

His love covers a multitude of sins and has the ability to help us start fresh!

Everyday...sometimes multiple times a day I'm in need of a fresh start.  How about you?  Learning to hear His voice amidst life can be hard...but not impossible.  There are many practical ways we can do this and learn to tune in...but I'll save that for another post, another time.  In the meantime, got any tips to share?  :)

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